MTA Nike Girls Winter College Showcase
January 30-31, 2016

St. Cloud State University – Husky Stadium Dome
January 30-31, 2016

Saturday Saint Cloud State University Husky Dome  
1/30/2016 Away (White or Light Jersey) Home (Dark Jersey)
7:45 AM MTA U17 Ozturk Madison 56ers
9:05 AM MTA U16 Friendt Sporting Iowa Academy U17- Sheridan
10:25 AM Sockers U16 Bradberry Gretna Omaha U16
11:45 AM Rockford Raptors Mateus Tri City Storm U17 - Logan
1:05 PM MTA U16 ECNL Stoots/Golan Madison 56ers
2:25 PM Sporting Iowa Academy U17 - Sheridan MTA U17 ECNL Storlien
3:45 PM Gretna Omaha U16 Rockford Raptors Mateus
5:05 PM MTA U17 Ozturk Sockers U16 Bradberry
6:45 PM MTA U16 ECNL Stoots/Golan Tri City Storm U17 -Logan
8:15 PM Sockers U18 ECNL Bradberry MTA U18 ECNL Alberti
Sunday Saint Cloud State University Husky Dome  
1/31/2016 Away (White or Light Jersey) Home (Dark Jersey)
7:45 AM Sockers U16 Bradberry U16 MTA Friendt
9:30 AM Sockers U18 ECNL Bradberry MTA U18 ECNL Alberti
11:20 AM Gretna Omaha U16 MTA U17 Ozturk
12:40 PM Sporting Iowa Academy U17- Sheridan Tri City Storm U17- Logan
2:00 PM MTA U17 ECNL Storlien Rockford Raptors Mateus
3:15 PM MTA U16 Friendt Madison 56ers
  Showcase Rules  
  Game time 2 x 35 minutes  
  5 minutes at 1/2 time and 5 minutes between games  
  No warm up on field  
  No added time for any reason  
  Games must start on time  
Schools In Attendence  2015 2014
Drake University
University of Nebraska
University of Minnesota
University of South Dakota
South Dakota State University
UW- Green Bay
Iowa State University
North Dakota State
University of Iowa
South Dakota State
University of North Dakota
South Dakota
North Dakota State University
North Dakota
University of Nebraska Omaha
Iowa State
Seton Hall University
Northern Iowa
Central Michigan University
Northern Illinois
Northern Illinois University
Youngstown State
Mankato State
Augustana College
St Cloud State
Winona State University
Upper Iowa University
Bemidji State
Bemidji State University
Upper Iowa
University of Minnesota Duluth
Conocorida St Paul
Concordia-St Paul
Saint Cloud State University
Minnesota State Mankato
St Thomas
UW-River Falls
St Benedict's
UW - Stout
UW Eau Claire
Luther College
Wartburg College
UW River Falls
Augsburg College
Gustavus College
University of Saint Thomas
Rippon College
Saint Benedict's
Minnesota Crookston
Saint Kate's
Minnesota Morris
Concorida Moorhead
University of Minnesota -Crookston
University of Sioux Falls

The 11th Annual MTA Nike Girls College Showcase is being hosted by Minnesota’s top soccer club, the Minnesota Thunder Academy. The showcase will give teams (U16-U17) the opportunity to play competitive soccer against other top teams under perfect conditions and showcase their talent to college coaches from across the Midwest. 

Husky Stadium is located on the campus of St. Cloud State University (SCSU). SCSU is located just off of Interstate 94, approximately 50 miles northwest of the Twin Cities metro-area. The 70 yard x 120 yard field is covered by one of the highest domes in the Midwest which makes it a great location for high-level soccer.

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