Emerging Talent Program
MN Thunder Academy Emerging Talent Program (ETP)

MN Thunder Academy Elite have prepared a program that recognizes U10, U11, & U12 players.  This is designed for players of higher standard and commitment level.  We will form a pool group that will compete outside your Region Team. We will play & train in a quality environment throughout the winter, spring and summer.

Brief Overview
  • Training 1x per week all year round during Combined Jrs Trainings
  • Fall US Club League
  • Winter US Club Events
  • Spring US Club League
  • June US Club Regionals (IL)
  • July USA Cup
  • Other tournaments and opportunities will become available throughout the year
To reduce conflict, we have tried to plan ETP sessions around our regional teams.
How Is the Pool Selected?
The pool is selected by the Program Directors and Staff based on observation throughout the year and Club Trainings.
What are the costs associated with this?
No training or facility costs.  The only costs associated will be tournament entry and travel costs. 
Who will be running the sessions and games?
  • Boys ETP Director- Rob Zahl
  • Girls ETP Director- Andy Kaasa
  • Staff will consist of Jr Elite Staff, Elite Staff, and US Development Academy Staff
Will my son/daughter be able to play for their current district team?
Absolutely, we have tried to plan our sessions and events around our regional schedules. 
Why do this?
To bridge the Elite and Juniors program.  There are subtle changes in training and would like the players to have a jump start in the Elite Program.
Do we need to attend all events and training? 
Attending training is highly recommended.  We recognize you might not be able to attend all of the events. That is okay, we will have a large pool (24-30 players) to make up the difference.